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Thank you for supporting Camp FIRE Finance!

  • All t-shirts are available in both women and men fits; hoodies have uni-sex fit.
  • Each item is available in all sizes and comes in multiple colors.
  • Some shirts have double sided printing with a main image on the front and a small CFF FIRE icon on the back; hoodies have printing only on the front.
  • For convenience and security, all transactions are handled by Amazon.

The FI Life

When you no longer need to trade your time for a paycheck, that’s when you know you’re living the FI Life!

Straight Outta Money

Being broke sucks, but when you’re outta cash because you save a high percentage of it, well that’s a great problem to have.

Index and Chill: the investing strategy that gave confidence to legions of new and experienced investors. 

Early Retirement Police Department, is this a joke? You’d like to think so, but they’re out there. What you gonna do when they come for you?

If you’re pursuing financial independence then you know how expensive car ownership is. That’s why so many pursuing FIRE are part of the Mileage High Club. Membership has it’s privileges. 

A few former U.S. Presidents have a message for you: save us! Stop giving your money to others, keep if for yourself! Except when it comes to this shirt. You should definitely buy this shirt! 

The best thing money can buy is freedom. And this shirt. If you really love your money, set it on FIRE.

Work for 40+ years then retire? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Get Rich Quick’ish instead. 

Another hoodie? Yep! Once we turned our initials into a flame, it had to be done.

Does having an official hoodie make us more official? We hope so, because this is the official hoodie of Camp FIRE Finance!

Wait .. two official hoodies? Yep! This one has a special place in our hearts because Get Rich Quick’ish is where Camp FIRE began.

Parts official Camp FIRE hoodie, parts official GRQ hoodie, this is our official favorite hoodie.  Get Rich Quick’ish … because slow’ish sucks!

Thank you for supporting Camp FIRE Finance!

  • T-shirts are cleverly priced (we think) at $25.04.  As in 25/4.  As in the Rule of 25 and the 4% rule.
  • Hoodies are priced a bit higher because they’re hoodies, but the price isn’t very clever. 
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