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Money Tricks We Play On Ourselves
Humans are smart. Sure, we might do some pretty stupid things, but there’s a lot of brainpower going on up in our heads. Sometimes we use all that brainpower in the wrong way.

Your Fortune uh, Waits? Or...
Nowadays when we hear the word fortune, we are more likely to think of luck or fate, not a pile of money that will support a family and enable their higher pursuits, aspirations and deeds. Many people sheepishly assume that fortunes are only for the fortunate. But that just isn’t true.

5 Scary Financial Statistics (Plus How To Avoid Becoming One)
The money stats in this post might scare you, but I hope that they will motivate you to improve your finances and be better than the average person. If you’re already doing better than the average person, keep growing and learning.

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