Side Hustles & Earning More

How Financial Knowledge Can Lead to a Great Career

Financial literacy can make a world of difference when it comes to a job search. If you possess comprehensive financial knowledge, you can gain ground on other candidates in a competitive global job market. Plus, you can position yourself to land a terrific job in myriad sectors, including:

Manage Your Finances

Reinventing Yourself via Financial Change: Four Lessons from Schitt’s Creek

The award-winning Canadian TV comedy Schitt’s Creek showcases the downfall of the wealthy Rose family. After their fortune is taken away, they are left to rebuild in a tiny, ramshackle town. It is there, removed from the ease of wealth, that they learn to love and work with one another.

Though humorous, many can learn lessons from the Rose family, hopefully, before your own finances reach such dire straits. With that in mind, here are four financial lessons from Schitt’s Creek.

The FIRE Movement

How to Overcome Jaded-ness When Planning for Retirement

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It’s easy to get pessimistic when thinking about retirement in the current day and age. From the pandemic disrupting present-day cash flow to political rhetoric clouding the future to the possibility of Social Security down the line — everywhere you look, the thought of retiring seems threatened.

This can make it difficult to maintain a healthy financial perspective. If anything, it’s tempting to live recklessly with no thought for tomorrow.

Before you throw in the towel, though, here are a few tips to help you avoid those jaded feelings as you try to plan for your retirement.

Side Hustles & Earning More

Should I Run Advertisements on My Blog?

At least 70% of people in the world work 8-hours day jobs. The majority of these people are still struggling with finances, barely able to break even each month.

That’s why some people develop a side hustle. It not only adds financial independence and flexibility to your life but also allows you to explore your ideas and test your limits.

A recent study by Zapier showed that 34% of Americans have a side hustle and around 61.1 million Americans plan to start one in 2021. The numbers are staggering, especially when people also have busy lives and families to tend to. The survey also reported that more than 62% of the people do it for the money rather than mere interest

Starting a side hustling can be different for everyone. To one person a side hustle may mean to rent out something they own while for others (usually the younger generation), a side hustle could mean blogging or freelancing online.

Side Hustles & Earning More

Forging a Career That is Both Financially and Emotionally Fulfilling

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According to recently released statistics on job satisfaction, “65% of employees in the US are satisfied with their job, while 20% of employees in the US are passionate about their job.” In addition, some of the main contributing factors to being satisfied with their current role include:

  • A positive company culture
  • High salary
  • Opportunities for growth 
  • Low stress 
  • Autonomy 

On the other hand, most employees aren’t passionate about their roles because they aren’t emotionally connected to their work. To grow both of these statistics, we must encourage others to forge a financially and emotionally fulfilling career and do so ourselves. 

Here is some guidance on how to enjoy what you do for work while still living comfortably.