Side Hustles & Earning More

How to Build a Money Making Machine That Will Pay For Your Early Retirement

Generally speaking, wealthy people get and stay rich because they make smart decisions with their money. They create a money making machine by purchasing assets, not liabilities. An asset makes you money, a liability costs you money. Successful people buy assets like real estate, fine art, and businesses.  But what if you are not good at business?

Not good at business

Financial Independence

Crap! Tomorrow is Monday and I Hate Monday!

I hate Monday

Unlike nobody, I don’t like being told what to do. Who does? Maybe that’s why I hate Monday so much. The thought of going to work for someone else and ultimately being at their mercy rubs me wrong.

Save Your Money

Lose Weight and Save Money Riding The Bus

Save money riding the bus

A few months ago my old van finally bit the dust.  I’d paid cash for it several years earlier and the van had been a reliable and a fairly efficient form of transportation, as far as cars go. But as the miles added up, so did the maintenance and repairs till it go to the point where I couldn’t justify putting more money into keeping the van on the road.  Losing my second car was the perfect excuse to give public transportation a try.