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Another Loonie
Crazy about saving, investing, and home ownership.

I am a married, Canadian home owner. I live in a high cost of living city in beautiful British Columbia. Growing up, I always had a passion for saving and earning money. I remember being a proud owner of a RBC “Leo’s Young Savers Account”, and loved depositing my allowance and watching interest come pouring (okay, trickling) in. That passion has stuck with me to this day and has helped me purchase my first home at the ripe young age of 27.

These days I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time investigating the best ways to save and grow my money. It has never been easier to open a savings account, to buy stocks, or get a loan. But at the same time, all of this choice makes it difficult to know which product or strategy we should adopt. This abundance of choice has motivated me to do my own research, and I plan to share my honest opinions and experiences with you through this blog. I’ll answer many of the questions I see other Canadians ask – questions I myself had at some point. Hopefully through this process you and I can become more educated savers, investors, and masters of all things personal finance!

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