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Burning Desire For Fire
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Burning Desire For Fire
Financial-Independence-Retire-Early(er) in Australia from the female perspective.

I write a blog from the perspective of a person who has actually done most of what so many are blogging about in the FIRE world.

Teacher, single mother of 4 boys, Australian and dog lover. I write about domestic geoarbitrage, frugality, travel and my thoughts on life as I’m reaching the end of my FI journey. Still haven’t retired yet, but I’ve built my net worth from $60 cash and a 100K mortgage twenty-two years ago (so that made me $99,940 in debt), with 4 boys under 5 – to where I am now – 2 or 3 years from retiring from teaching with a nearly 2M AUS net worth (and 4 boys in their 20’s).


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