Burrito Bowl Diaries

Burrito Bowl Diaries
Unsolicited advice on health, happiness and how to not be a dummy with finances.

Hey friends, Burrito Bowl Diaries is a series of blog posts by a young, humble, hot couple pursuing financial independence through frugality, investing in low-cost index funds and eating lots, and lots of burrito bowls.As a couple we hope to reach Financial Independence sometime in the next 7-10 years. It’s a long process but we figured while we’re waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones we may as well do something.

The goal of Burrito Bowl Diaries is to chronicle our journey to financial independence and hopefully inspire some folks along the way. This isn’t solely a financial blog, it’s a life optimization blog. Some articles will be about savings and taxes and some will be workout, health, and happiness tips. Honestly, some articles will be pure nonsense because it’s hard for Mr. Burrito Bowl to stay serious for very long at a time.

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