Debt Free Forties

Debt Free Forties
Build a better life, one dollar at a time.

In 17 months, we paid off over $27,000 in debt. Now we’re working on saving our 3 – 6 month emergency fund so we can work towards our other financial goals. I’ve read a ton of personal finance books, scoured blogs, listened to podcasts, and watched plenty of financial tv shows. I love all things finance-related and still find myself learning every day as I look for new tactics to try to boost our net worth.

I have always found myself following the entrepreneur lifestyle by picking up freelance and finding side gigs. I’m a huge advocate of side hustles and using it to pay off debt or boost savings.

Debt Free Forties features ways to eliminate debt, save money, and make money. Stop by to learn more about budgeting, finding a side hustle, or just learning new and better ways to tweak your finances to build a better life.

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