Frugal to FI

Frugal to FI
Frugaling my way out of debt while adding to the retirement fund. Powered with cash envelopes, a budget and more.

Generation X. Late Starter. Coffee drinker. Goal: Retire at 60 with $600k. NAMI supporter.

This has been a bit of a long journey. I have ADHD and have a tendency to make debt cyclic. I am trying my hardest to find out what will work with my lack of executive functioning and emotional spending drive. It’s getting back to simple (i.e., no use of credit cards, using cash envelopes) and living with what makes me unique.


  • One day I hope to live with the life I desire – full of life and without debt.
  • Pay off $81,000 in debt
  • Save $600K by 60 years of age

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