Traveling toward financial independence on two wheels.

I started FrugalWheels because I felt there was a voice missing in the realm of personal finance and the Financial Independence Retire Early movement. Other than Mr. Money Mustache, bicycles seem to be lost on the FIRE movement. And I also found that few blogs in this realm really addressed small towns and small incomes.

Here in IceTown, financial independence looks a little different. Living near work is easier. But bicycle accommodations can be more scarce (it’s getting much better, though). There are fewer other folks nearby pursuing financial independence. And salaries are less than that of a big city.

So I’m here to prove a couple of points. That FIRE isn’t just for software engineers living in Colorado — that it’s achievable for people with lower incomes (I’m in journalism, so…). And that bicycles truly help one on their journey to financial independence.

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