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Understanding money is for everyone

Olive the Money was born from CJ’s deep interest in personal finance which stemmed from the knowledge that she wasn’t doing it right. Back in 2019 CJ found herself in a toxic work scenario and had not planned financially to be in a position to walk away without a new job. Never again! On Olive the Money she shares her story, her journey to financial independence, and the lessons she learns along the way.

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CJ Ahlquist is marketing professional, adrenaline junky, coffee addict who is on a mission to get rich slowly.

In early 2019 she was in a very different place. She didn’t like to think about money. CJ just wanted enough to travel sometimes and generally enjoy her day-to-day life.

Then she left her cushy big tech job to work for a small start-up. The company was toxic, filled with misogyny, sexual harassment, bullying, and just general awfulness. CJ wanted to quit but was scared about money. She had never lived without a regular paycheck, had never planned for this scenario.

CJ felt trapped and decided to never let money worries force her to endure what no one should have to. That’s when she started to learn about how to manage her money.

She certainly hasn’t been perfect, not even close. But CJ has learned a lot and loves that personal finance and investing always provide opportunities to learn more.

She decided to share her learnings by starting a blog, to bring together people like her, who don’t want money to define them, but want to figure out how to manage it well.