Penny Pinching Ninja

Penny Pinching Ninja
Karate Chopping a Path to Financial Freedom

I am the Penny Pinching Ninja, just your average accountant in his mid 30’s aiming to retire within 3 years. I blog with the inspiration and goal to help others do the same, especially those with low-middle income. My family resides in Florida and includes my two young daughters and their wonderful mother, Lady Ninja.

For years I have been interested and entertained by the standard consumerism that surrounds us. One day I realized that just like a ninja, I had stealthily reached financial independence by simply not taking part. By being different, or “weird” seemed to be a recipe for success.

This recipe involved the following simple ingredients:

  • 1 Pinch: Not having debt
  • 1/2 Dollop: Living below our means
  • 2 Dashes: Consistently investing the difference
  • Whisk all ingredients together and bake for 15 years.
  • **For best results, bake for life!

This contrarian concept has always been a great topic of conversation in our house. This site will allow these ideas to flow freely for all to enjoy and hopefully benefit from.

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