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Personal Finance King
Personal Finance King blog explores Money, Faith, Work, and Family

The Personal Finance King blog explores money, faith, work, and family. I am Barnaby King. There is also a Mrs. King (Nora) and our little royalty: daughter Pippa and son Grey. We live in Baltimore, MD, USA.

I have an MBA, work an office desk job, and toil on this blog evenings and weekends. My financial philosophy is inextricably tied to my Christian faith. There are over 800 references to money in the bible, most of it cautionary. But it’s clear that money is not the problem, but rather the love of it (1 Timothy 6:10). As Matthew 6 says, “No one can serve two masters…You cannot serve God and money.” Yet God doesn’t want us to waste what we’ve been given either.

This blog will explore the often-fraught middle ground between being a good steward of financial resources, without lusting after them. Hopefully you can profit from some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

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