Project Rijk Leven

Project Rijk Leven
At Project Rich Life we share our personal stories and ACTUAL numbers and research different options to help and inspire you on your journey to FIRE.

We’re two sisters: Sis A and Sis B. We want a richer life and therefore started working on a plan.

Our mission: Project Rich Life
We’re on a quest to analyze how we can lead a rich life. And we’re not just talking money. We believe experiences make you richer than having lots of stuff. We’re striving for financial independence and enhancing our happiness.

We want:

  1. Enough sustainable (passive) income;
  2. Good food;
  3. To do fun stuff and be socially and environmentally responsible
  4. To be healthy and stay healthy;
  5. Kids who can grow up to be happy, fun and wise people;
  6. To be green and kind to mother Earth.

Starting out, we could not find a lot of information about actual numbers. So we decided to record our progress through our website and social media, sharing real information in amounts instead of percentages. Hopefully, other people find this information useful; we hope to inspire others with our approach, personal experiences, ideas and our journey to FIRE.

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