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I want to share my perspective on personal finance with you to help you make better more informed decisions.

My name is Dave. I am in my early 30s and currently reside in Arizona with my wife and child. I have aspirations to reach economic freedom by age 45. This dream consumes more of my time than I am willing to admit, and thus I have started this website. My goal is to have a space to share information and hopefully help others on their journey.

I do not believe in living an extravagant lifestyle nor a frugal penny pinching existence. I, like the majority of you, fall somewhere in the middle. Many of you will look at my net worth or budget and question my sanity. My wife (Marketing) and I (Finance) make a damn good living. Our house is paid off and we currently have no debt. We save a bunch of money each year and admittedly waste a good deal as well. However it all fits into my plan and more importantly, our lifestyle.

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