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Create the life you love through Financial Independence

I’m Dawn. Single mom, personal finance and goal setting junkie. Tired of the daily commute and grind, and not spending enough time with the family and friends I love, I’ve set out on the path to financial independence. What I’ve learned along the way extends well beyond just personal finance.

The beauty of financial independence is that it isn’t that hard to achieve. The steps are not difficult and the concepts are easy to understand. What is difficult is finding the motivation to make the small changes necessary to set big financial goals and stick with them.

Stepping Stones to FI is a guide that can provide the details of each step you can take to gain control of your finances, payoff debt, save more money and invest your savings for wealth building. Goal setting, time management and motivation are just as important as the financials, so you’ll find plenty of content to keep you focused and moving in the right direction.

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Dawn provides the foundational steps that anyone can follow to achieve Financial Independence. Blog topics include personal finance and wealth building basics, as well as successful goal setting techniques to achieve the life you dream of. As a full-time single mom that started from the very bottom, she has learned just what it takes to gain control of her money and pave the path to a secure financial future. You can read more about Dawn at