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The Frugal Expat
Saving, investing, and reaching financial independence one step at a time.

Hi my name is Steve. I am an American Expat living with my Australian wife in Taiwan teaching English. Four years ago, I wanted to do more traveling and realized money was something I needed to obtain. At that moment, I went down a rabbit hole of information that led me to a goal of seeking Financial Independence.

As I write, my goal is to help family and friends do better in finances. As I live as an American Expat, I have learned about living frugally, saving, and investing for my future.

My hope is take the lessons I have learned and show people that they too can make a better financial future for themselves. All they need to do is learn how to save better, invest, be frugal, and have financial goals to drive them to that finish line.

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My name is Steve. I am a frugal American expat living in Taiwan teaching friends and family about saving, investing, and reaching financial independence.