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A passion project with the goal of finding a balance between living life to the fullest and retiring as early as possible!

Sometimes life feels an awful lot like the movie Office Space, bosses telling you what to do, traffic on your commute to work, and that weird de ja vu feeling of every day being the same. Much like other FIRE bloggers, the goal of our website is to provide unique and insightful tips that will help readers “break the wheel” so to speak.

What makes us unique is that all of our content is written with love and care (compared to being written by content mills) and doesn’t only cover topics that are profitable. This website was created and is run by passionate people who write about topics that they care about and are important to them, not to make money. That’s why you will find unprofitable, unsexy, non-mainstream articles covered here, and why you’ll find information on Tips To Fire that you won’t find anywhere else!

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