Wanderlust Wendy

Wanderlust Wendy
live simply. invest wisely. wander fearlessly.

Hello! I am Wendy, a first-generation Taiwanese-American transplanted from Taichung, Taiwan to St. Charles, Missouri back in 1998, when the wanderlust spirit sprouted. With a classic Tiger Mom upbringing, I had ticked all the boxes of a fancy degree and an even fancier job. Yet, a year ago, my husband and I minimized our lives, walked away from corporate jobs to pursue a different life. What that life will look like is still TBD, but we are slow traveling along the way to gain head space.

This blog explores our journey towards a simpler life and financial freedom; it also documents stories from my days in the Peace Corps, grad school, 5 years of corporate grinding in Shanghai, and of course, all the wandering that has taken place in between. I write, to pay-it-forward, and I hope you find these stories amusing and the resources useful. Thanks for reading!

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